Last Minute Holiday Gifts to Keep on Hand


Last Minute Holiday Gifts to Keep on Hand‘Tis the season for gifting! Have you made your list and checked it twice!? Despite how much you’re prepared, you never know when you may need a last minute gift! Maybe you’ll have a surprise visit from an out-of-state relative, or maybe you’ll get a short notice invite to a holiday party.  Regardless of the situation and if you’re the host or a guest, it’s always best to be prepared! Having last minute holiday gifts to keep on hand is the stress-fee way to do so!

When it comes time for me to do my holiday shopping, I usually cover everyone on my list, plus get 3 extra gifts for those just-in-case, last minute moments. It’s nothing super expensive, but still a great gift nonetheless. Below are my last minute go-tos.



Because wine not!? You really can’t go wrong with this one! I mean, who doesn’t love wine!? I always keep an extra bottle or two of Wente Vineyards wine on hand for last minute gifts for guests and hosts. I call it the ultimate gift of time – everyone loves it and it saves me time by not having to scramble around town to search for a last minute gift. This is the perfect way to spread holiday cheer! Get 25% off Wente wine single vineyard or estate grown wines by using 25TOAST at checkout!
Last Minute Holiday Gifts to Keep on Hand

Homemade Baked Goods

If you love holiday baking, this is the perfect gift to give that adds a personal touch from the kitchen. Homemade baked goods are gifts from the heart, in my opinion, and are as sweet of a gift as it can get! See what I did there!?
Last Minute Holiday Gifts to Keep on Hand

Gift Cards

Gift cards make for a great last minute gift since it’s the safest way to go. It’s a general, yet very appreciated gift that can be put to use! Since you never know who the last minute gift will be going to, you can play it safe by sticking to something neutral like this!
Last Minute Holiday Gifts to Keep on HandWhat are you go-to last minute gifts to keep on hand? 


13 thoughts on “Last Minute Holiday Gifts to Keep on Hand

  1. Jack bransson

    The homemade baked goods is great idea and never tried it before but i do most the time gift cards . I have to try it soon. Thank you for sharing though!

  2. Angela Cardamone

    This is such a great idea! I always try to keep a few nice bottles of wine in stock!

  3. Eloise

    homemade anything is always best as it is made from love ; ) The gift card idea is a saver for those that are hard to shop for… great last minute gift ideas!

  4. Jessica Bradshaw

    Wine is always a great gift! I like doing baking mixes too (or just chocolate). When I am in a pinch I like to pick up gift cards too.


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