The Best Way to Buy Your Holiday Outfits All at Once

BEST-WAY-TO-BUY-HOLIDAY-OUTFITSAs much as I love to shop, I’m not a fan of browsing store after store when I’m not sure what I want, although that always seems to be the case when it’s time to shop for special occasions and the holidays.  I never used to be much of an online shopper for clothes, but since I’ve discovered a way to buy all my outfits at once, it’s how I’ve done most of my shopping lately.

I was in need of a last minute outfit for Christmas so I used the Donde Fashion shopping app on my phone to gather ideas.  The app (available on iPhone and iPad) is perfect for indecisive people like myself.  It lets you quickly shop for clothes, shoes, and handbags from a variety of retailers (Nordstrom, Banana Republic, and Zara to name a few), all in once place and you only have to checkout once.Donde Fashion ScreenShot 8 copyWhat’s really helpful is that you can filter what you’re looking for by the type of product, cut, color, or print and the app will showcase a variety of options that fit your vision.  It’s a much faster way to browse hundreds of outfit ideas from a variety of stores.  The app will even find coupons and notify you when something on your wish list goes on sale.  I’m all about a great deal!

The good news is I found an outfit and I didn’t have to battle the holiday crowd and traffic, so I figured I’d share my little secret with y’all!


15 thoughts on “The Best Way to Buy Your Holiday Outfits All at Once

  1. Leslie Soto

    This sounds like an app dream come true. There are times when i’m just done shopping, now is one of them. I’ll be bookmarking this for future reference. Can you imagine how awesome it will be come wedding season? Yea Please?!!

    1. Amy Nguyen

      Hi Leslie – My name is Amy and I am the Community Manager for Donde. It is awesome that you mentioned Wedding season because Donde is PERFECT for weddings. You can select exactly the color and style you want, plus we added “events” on the app for members to select between Weddings to Work. Let me know how you are liking Donde and anything you would like for us to add!

  2. Leslie

    What a great idea! I’m going to check this out. Crowds weird me out so I usually do a lot of online shopping, especially around Christmas. Those dresses are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.

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