A Shop ‘Til You Drop Weekend

This weekend had one of those shop ’til you drop agendas written all over it.  I’ve been trying to figure out what to pack for St. Croix along with trying to get every last bit together for the big Bijoux Avenue reveal (which seems to keep getting delayed and delayed again).  I have a bunch of new necklaces waiting to be added to the shop, including this mother of pearl horn necklace (my latest obsession).
Bijoux Avenue Mother of Pearl Horn Necklace
Friday started off with an early start to the weekend and a trip to the Dallas World Trade Center.  To sum it up, this place is huge, like floor after floor of endless shopping.  I’m pretty sure I could spend an entire week in there and still not make it to every shop.
Dallas World Trade Center
I spent almost the entire day on Saturday at NorthPark and somehow I still feel like I got nothing accomplished on the shop til you drop agenda because I’m still at a loss on what to wear in St. Croix.   I want to look cute but at the same time need to be able to just wear a swimsuit under everything because of the type of activities we have planned.  Any suggestions?  I’m starting to think I just need to focus on cute swim suit cover ups.  Why is packing the hardest!?!
Swoozie's Dallas
Sunday was a chill day.  Chris and I enjoyed a hibachi lunch and realized it’s been nearly a year since we’ve had hibachi together and we couldn’t figure out how we even let that happen.  I ordered the hibachi steak, no veggies, double fried rice per usual and it was divine.  More shopping occurred once I made my way into Swoozie’s.  This place will have you digging for excuses to buy gifts for everyone you know!
Sprinkle's Cupcake ATM
Then we headed to get dessert for dinner at Sprinkles and enjoyed the mother of all sundaes that consists of a bottom layer of cupcake, a Captain Crunch ice cream center (seriously the best thing ever), topped with more cupcake.  After our dessert dinner, we went home and spent the rest of the night being lazy couch bums.  All was great until around 1am when I realized I left my entire box of hibachi fried rice leftovers in the hot car hours ago.  That’s a heartbreaker right there!

6 thoughts on “A Shop ‘Til You Drop Weekend

  1. Kati Rose @ Constantly Seeking Wonder

    Sprinkles has ice cream sundaes??? I am so bummed I don't have one in my city! I need to try that ASAP when I'm in a town that has one.

  2. Candace Shiflet

    i love the sprinkles ATM- it is SO CUTE! They have a few here in Arizona and i have been wanting to visit it soooo bad! St. Croix will be SO fun!!! You should stock up on cute kimonos. those are always so light and perfect for a swim suit cover up 🙂
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

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