June Goals

June-GoalsI can’t believe we’re already almost a full week into June, but that’s totally fine by me!  I’m still counting down to August 31!  All of this house building stuff has been keeping me busy, so time has flown by lately.  I’m happy to report I’ve accomplished my May goals, with the exception of the house selections still in progress, but that won’t be ending for a while anyway!  Here’s what’s on my list this month for June:


When we moved back to Louisiana from Dallas last year, we decluttered and threw away a lot of stuff we no longer needed.  Since then, we have accumulated more stuff that I know we don’t really need.  I want our new home to be as clutter free as possible, so I’m hoping to get rid of a lot of stuff prior to our move in date.  We have a lot of wedding decor I’ve been planning to sell but never got around to, so I plan on starting there.  No need for that stuff to make the move with us.


Once we move into the new house, the plan is to basically replace every piece of furniture we own.  I’ve been shopping around to get ideas of what I want, but I’m still having a hard time putting my style together.  I’m a mix of modern (think Z Gallerie) and shabby chic, so I really think a vision board will help with my house goals.


I really don’t have to remind myself to do this because I’m basically obsessed with crawfish haha!  The season is unfortunately almost over, so I know if I don’t get my fix one last time I’m going to struggle! Why are they so good!?


I spent a lot of time outdoors exploring while in St. Croix and it reminded me how much I love constantly doing things and moving around.  I’m the type of person that would much rather be doing something outside than sitting at home watching TV on the weekends, so I’m definitely inspired to try something new.  Perhaps trying a new bike trail would be fun!  All of my weekends lately have been consumed with house stuff like picking paint colors, lights, cabinets, etc, so I’m thinking a much needed break from house duties is necessary!


I need to get better at batching my work, as I think this will save a lot of time.  I usually shoot and write one post at a time and that takes hours per post, but if I could get multiple posts prepped and shot all at once, it will save some time depending on the type of post.  Food recipes are trickier though, since they usually require a lot more prep time.  I’m going to work on this, because right now I’m struggling to find extra time!

What are you working on this month?  Share your June goals below! 

12 thoughts on “June Goals

  1. Mary Leigh

    I’m working on getting better organized with the blog, getting a better cleaning/chore routine at home, and drafting posts for this month out ahead of time.

    I’m always on a mission to declutter, so this is on my list, too!

  2. Jasmine Eclipse

    It’s one of my goals to be more active outside as well! I think we’ll get a gym membership once it starts getting colder outside, but for the summer we’ll go on hikes and swims instead!

  3. Julie

    I usually write my posts in batches. I can write a few in a day and schedule them out. I have the wordpress app on my phone and occasionally when I have something worth sharing, I post away. It’s awesome!

  4. Lynn Woods

    These are great goals and I need to do every single one of them; especially eating crawfish. I’m from Houston and we had them all the time! Now that I’m living in Raleigh, I had some a couple of weeks ago and they were so so, but it’s early in the season so I’ hoping they get better.

  5. Kendel

    I’m trying to get outside and be more active too! I have a Fitbit, so it tracks exactly how active (or inactive) I have been. It is the kick in the ass I need! For sure. I’m also trying to ‘batch write’ posts as well. Not same types of posts, but just the different posts for every week. It is HARD with a baby. The only time I really have is when he is asleep and that’s when I want to sleep too!

  6. Alexis

    Decluttering is high on my list! We have so much junk in our attic and in our guest bedroom. It’s time to take it to Goodwill and be done with it. Best of luck this month!


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