Everyday Fall Basics

S H O P   T H E S E   L O O K S
There’s nothing that beats crisp, cool fall weather and the fashion that comes along with it.  I’m a sucker for all the fall basics, those everyday pieces that can go with just about anything and get plenty of wear. They somehow never seem to go out of style either.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll probably never be over the blanket scarf and a good puffer vest.

My goal this time around was to get my hands on a utility jacket.  This was one of those things that I saw everywhere and thought looked cute on everyone, but never thought I could pull off.  It’s slightly out of my comfort zone, but now that I have one, I love it.  I feel the same about hats too.  Cute on everyone, but maybe not on me, so here’s to branching a more out of my comfort zone and trying some new things this fall!
What are your everyday go to fall staples?

23 thoughts on “Everyday Fall Basics

  1. Jenn Schultz

    Love these picks! Pinned. I have a lot of them, but that Tory Burch tote would be lovely to add to my collection 🙂 Cool "meeting" Christine too! I'll have to go check out her blog. Great quote!!

  2. Alyssa Guttendorf

    That collage of fall fashion items just makes me so happy 🙂 I have that Tory Burch tote in black and I use it every single day– it's the best! My goal fall purchase this year is a blanket scarf; I basically need one at this point, haha. And I've been an avid reader of Christine's blog ever since the day she posted a recipe for Pineapple Margaritas 😀 A girl after my own heart, for sure! Great feature, Dara!

  3. Yelle

    I used to live in Florida, and now I live in Chicago – so our falls are very different! However – that utility jacket would be perfect for both areas this time of year!

  4. Keating Bartlett

    These items are so cute!! I'm a HUGE fan of boots this time of year. I collect them. It's so bad haha a plaid scarf is currently on my wish list though. I still have yet to find one I'm in love with.


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