May Goals

May GoalsWoohoo it’s May!  May is full of exciting events for me- it’s my birthday month, it’s vacation month, and it marks my 4 year blogiversary and our 6 month wedding anniversary!  How has it been half a year already!?  Crazy!  Since it’s already May, that also means we’re one month closer to our house being done.  Now if only August would get here already!!

Per usual, I’m here to share my monthly goals.  There’s a lot going on and building a house has especially kept us very busy, but this is what I’m tying to prioritize in May.


Get ahead on packing for our trip

We’re leaving early next Friday for St. Croix, which means Thursday night sounds like a good time to start packing for typical me.  I really don’t want the added stress, so this time around I’m going to try to start packing early in the week.  Sounds easy enough, but I’m the procrastinator of all procrastinators when it comes to packing, so we’ll see about that.

Start finalizing selections for the house

I’ve had an idea all along on what I want our new house to look like, but that’s easier said than done when it comes time to actually have to make a final decision.  Did you know there’s like 100 different shades of white and grey paint?  The struggle.  Our plan is to get ahead on house selections like paint, flooring, lighting, cabinets, sinks, tubs, etc. that way we won’t feel pressured to make a decision when the deadline comes.

Try something new

This month I want to try something out of my comfort zone and since we’ll be in St. Croix I figured that would be the perfect opportunity.  I’m not talking anything crazy like skydiving here (nope nope nope- I won’t do it!), but maybe an adventurous hike or something.

Take care of myself

In February, I was sick for about 4 weeks.  I got sick, started to get better, then relapsed again.  Here we are two months later and I’m sick again.  This is just crazy considering I never get sick (until now). Time to start giving my health the extra attention it needs!

What’s on your list of May goals?  Are you working towards anything specific?  Share your monthly goals in the comments below! 


9 thoughts on “May Goals

  1. Liz

    Good luck with your goals! I think it’s great to share them like this, because I know it would make me more likely to get it done. I think May is a great month, because it is also my birthday and anniversary month too! Happy May!

  2. Alex Snider

    I love reading goal posts! Taking care of yourself is so important, but something we all put on the back burner because there is so little time in a day!

  3. Jenny

    I’ve been sick twice this year too and I’m not the type either. SO weird! Can’t wait to hear more about your house.

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