Post-Workout Routine for Busy Lifestyles

Post-Workout Routine for Busy LifestylesWhat we do after a workout is equally important as what we do before and during a workout. Stretching is one thing that comes to mind.  I’ll admit I don’t always follow the rules, especially when I feel pressed for time, but I’ve been working on it.

I usually workout during the day as an early lunch break, so it’s important that I get in, get it done, and get out.  After thinking about my own workout routine, I decided  I wanted to share a post workout routine for busy lifestyles with y’all, because let’s be honest, who isn’t busy these days!?  We’re all trying to balance everything the best we can, and anything to save time is a lifesaver, in my opinion!

I think these tips and tricks will not only help save time, but encourage the proper post workout protocol.  Keep in mind I’m no expert, but this is what works for me!
Post-Workout Routine for Busy Lifestyles


1. Allow Time to Cool Down

The first thing you should always do after a workout is cool down, even if you’re pressed for time. For busy lifestyles, it helps to have a few cool down routines down pact.  This means having a go-to routine you know you can get done in just a few minutes.  Walking on the treadmill or outdoors are great ways to gradually get your heart rate down.  Bonus: you can even turn that walk into multi-tasking! Say, for example, you have a call to make or emails to respond to, you can always check those tasks off your list during your cool down walk!

2. Stretch Your Muscles

Stretching after a workout is equally important as stretching prior to a workout.   In my opinion, you’re better off shortening your workout by 5 minutes to allow for stretching at the end of the workout rather than not stretching at all.  Again, having a routine you’re familiar with will help save time. In addition to stretching, foam rollers are great for improving circulation, bloodflow, and flexibility.  I like to see one in my car so I never skip this step!

3. Take a Cold Shower

There are many health benefits of a cold plunge after a workout, such as decreased inflammation and expedited muscle recovery, but let’s be honest, not everyone has the time to do this!

When you’re pressed for time, a great alternative to sitting in an ice bath is to take a cold shower. You’ll still get similar health benefits, but best of all, you’ll save on time since you need to shower anyway!
Post-Workout Routine for Busy Lifestyles

4. Rehydrate

Like many things, rehydrating after a workout is equally as important as hydrating before and during a workout.  When you workout, you’re likely sweating much more than you normally do, which accelerates your chances for dehydration.

An easy way to rehydrate after a workout is to carry a refillable water bottle with you at all times, that way you’ll have it in your bag, your car, your office, or wherever needed when you’re on the go.

When you’re busy, it’s easy to get sidetracked and forget to drink, so it also helps to set a reminder alarm on your phone every 30 minutes – 1 hour if you have a water goal you’re trying to meet. I like to rotate between water and protein drinks within the first hour!

5. Eat a Protein Packed Snack

A protein packed snack is very beneficial for your muscles post-workout.  For busy lifestyles, a convenient on-the-go and ready to drink option is a game changer.   Dannon yogurt drinks are perfect for this!

Dannon® Light & Fit® and Dannon® Oikos® Nonfat Yogurt Drinks provide an ideal portable source of protein that is fat free and comes in a variety of great flavors.  They are sold in packs of 4 at Walmart, so it’s easy to stock up.  For my busy weeks, I like to stock up on these since I know I won’t have time to make my own protein drinks. It’s a great grab-and-go refrigerated post-workout snack!

Want to give them a try?  You can save $1 with this Ibotta offer!

Do you have a post-workout routine for busy lifestyles you’d recommend? Share your tips in the comments below!